COVID-19 Testing Information

Thank you for your inquiry! Please read ALL INFORMATION -- all questions likely answered here!!!

Note: We are NOT ABLE TO BILL INSURANCE for Covid testing due to not having Medical contracts with insurance

Both options are RAPID with results in approximately ONE hour. We will email you a form with your results that can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement. INSURANCE FORMS will be emailed to you within an hour after you are notified of your results --- watch your spam/junk folder!!

1) Complete the consent form link below. After completion of the form click the SUBMIT button and the form will be sent to the pharmacy.

Consent Form

2) We will then contact you to schedule an appointment time and collect credit card information. (This phone call will come from a WHITEWATER phone ID.)

ANTIGEN TEST $100 -- (best for symptomatic within 5-7 days of onset of symptoms)

****The Veritor ANTIGEN diagnostic test is used to diagnose active coronavirus infection by detecting specific proteins on the surface of the virus via nasal swab. This antigen test has a moderate sensitivity level (84% in trials) with higher true positive rates when the patient is tested within the first 5 days of symptoms. If a patient results negative but continues to have symptoms, a repeat molecular test is then recommended and sometimes required by employer/school, etc.

PCR/MOLECULAR TEST $150 -- (better choice for no symptoms and no known exposure)

(unreliable for active infection if + within the past 3 months)

*****The Accula PCR/MOLECULAR diagnostic test detects genetic material of the virus using a lab technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Results may be available in minutes if analyzed onsite via a nasal swab sample. PCR tests are very accurate (est 95%) when properly performed by a healthcare professional.

3) ****Once a time is arranged, please park in the ALLEY north of the pharmacy building. Call the pharmacy at 584-3784 option 0 upon arrival. STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE and staff will be out shortly to perform the test. DO NOT come into the pharmacy if you have symptoms.

Once the specimen is obtained, staff will contact you in about an hour via email (watch the spam folder also) with the results along with the attestation form and the insurance form to submit for reimbursement.